RENEW Strategies

At RENEW, we focus on opportunities rather than on problems. We focus on investing rather than providing handouts. We find promising businesses, connect them to investors around the world and grow them into world-class companies.
RENEW aims to connect businesses in emerging and frontier economies to the global market. Find the tools you need to help your business grow.
RENEW offers customized, professional solutions for impact investors, angel investors, venture capital firms and private investors looking to invest their money in business in Africa and other developing markets.
Since 2005, members of the RENEW team have been exploring opportunities in Ethiopia. Anticipating the country’s growth, RENEW has been preparing. Find out more, and plan a visit to see for yourself.
We facilitate direct investments into promising businesses in developing countries.

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Work with RENEW to build an angel investor market for SMEs.

Prepare your business to meet investors.