RENEW Strategies

RENEW is an impact investment and advisory firm that facilitates private investments in businesses in Africa. RENEW serves the Impact Angel Network (IAN), a global collection of investors seeking to make both social impact and financial returns. The IAN is the largest North American-based angel network dedicated to investing in Africa.
Since our first investment in 2013, our portfolio has attracted more than $10.6 million, and created and supported nearly 1,500 jobs. The Impact Angel Network is now one of the most active investors in Ethiopia.
Join us for the Impact Angel Network’s 2017 National Gathering which is taking place October 27 to 28, 2017 in Washington D.C.
We hope this report will give you key insights into the IAN's vision, the portfolio in Ethiopia and the IAN itself.
RENEW & the Impact Angel Network are changing the way investors view and invest in Africa.

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