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RENEW is an investment adviser registered in the State of Colorado with offices and teams across East Africa. RENEW specializes in small and medium enterprise (SME) investing and private sector development in Africa.

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We Focus on the Opportunity

At RENEW, we focus on opportunities rather than on problems. We focus on investing rather than giving handouts. We find promising businesses, invest in them and strive to grow them into world-class companies.

We do this because we believe that many growing businesses together create the engine that lifts entire nations out of poverty. We have a vision to see cities in developing countries alive with private sector activity.

  • We believe that economic growth solves many of the problems that people see in developing countries, and therefore it should be the world’s focus.

  • We believe that businesses are the engines of development and that, dollar-for-dollar, investing in them will create greater sustainable impact than charity.

  • We believe many of these businesses are attractive investments and if investors had a simple and clear path that allowed them to invest in them — they would.

  • We believe it is time for the world to change its development strategy and begin investing in developing countries.

  • We believe you can and should do well by doing good. And with this incentive, investors and entrepreneurs ignite the change that developing countries need.


We Invest in SMEs and Build Private Sectors Across Africa

RENEW manages an angel network for accredited individual and institutional investors. RENEW also runs a blended finance model called The Exchange, which aims to fill the missing middle and accelerate the growth of SMEs in Africa. Through our investment and market building practices we aim to build the most successful SME investment firm in Africa.

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A Vision is Born

Our founder, Matthew Davis travels to Uganda. While there he notices that there are ample business opportunities, but they are being overshadowed by a disproportionate focus on "problems" by the West. In August, Matt brings together a team in Washington, D.C., and begins formulating a plan for a new model for how the West can engage Africa.


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A Family Business Approach for Family Business Investing

RENEW brings together top-notch professionals from a range of backgrounds to work in some of the most challenging, yet opportunity-rich, countries in the world. The team works in the U.S., Canada, Ethiopia, Uganda and Rwanda and are employees or contractors of RENEW LLC and its affiliates.