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Connect. Learn. Travel. Invest.

Be a part of a global community of investors who seek financial returns and sustainable social impact by making investments into high-growth potential companies in Africa. Through relationships, travel and a variety of experiences, RENEW aims to provide Impact Angel Network (IAN) members with an unforgettable investment experience. Grow a company. Build a nation. Leave a legacy.


Experience Adventure, Impact and the Potential for Financial Returns

The Impact Angel Network (IAN) is made up of high-net-worth families from around the world who share a vision for Africa's economic potential. Most IAN members are referred by a trusted friend or colleague. The IAN now has members in cities across North America, Europe and around the world. The IAN fosters relationships amongst members by providing a focal point for meaningful investments, experiences and events. Members must be accredited investors per the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission definition and should understand and be willing and able to handle the risks of investing in frontier markets.

Ethiopian Skyline building


Trusted Boots on the Ground

Members of RENEW’s Impact Angel Network (IAN) have the opportunity to:

  • Attend network dinners and events with investors from around the world

  • Join monthly IAN members-only calls to learn about impact investing

  • Experience a guided Econ-Tourism Trip to Africa

  • Gain access to an exclusive pipeline of investment opportunities

  • Receive support from RENEW’s team to manage the entire investment process

  • Nominate family members for internship opportunities in Africa