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The Exchange

The Exchange is RENEW's blended finance model. RENEW partners with the development community to set up an Exchange in a target country. The Exchange accelerates the formation of capital for small and medium enterprises (SMEs) and strengthens the SME investment ecosystem. The Exchange aims to create a vibrant investment ecosystem that drives economic growth, regional trade, women's economic empowerment and climate-smart manufacturing.

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RENEW specializes in designing and managing blended finance vehicles. The Exchange catalyzes capital through blended finance and lowers the risks and costs for impact-focused SME investors.

RENEW founded and manages the Impact Angel Network - a global network of impact-focused individuals and families dedicated to investing in SMEs in Africa.

RENEW also builds the local angel ecosystem by shaping policies that make it easier for SMEs to operate and attract capital.

The Exchange is a beautifully designed physical space that organizes and manages innovative pools of capital for SMEs; trains SME owners, executives and managers; fosters a more efficient capital market; advises on policy reform; and advocates for women's economic empowerment.

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The Exchange Programs

The Exchange includes programs such as Investment Seminars Series, CFO100, The Exec's Program and Women in Finance. Entrepreneurs that are seeking capital must first participate in The Exchange programming to be considered for RENEW's investment pipeline. The goal of The Exchange is to improve management capacity, enable ecosystems to become more efficient and build innovative pools of capital for SMEs in Africa.


For Entrepreneurs and Exec's

With a little planning and solid execution, companies in East Africa can have a major competitive advantage over others in the market. Poor execution is why most companies fail or only achieve a maximum of 25% growth every year. Top executives around the world achieve far better results. Why? The Exec’s Program is unique from other programs because we focus on learning the practices and habits that top-performing executives use to execute and achieve breakout results. The program is for executives in RENEW’s portfolio and a select few additional executives we believe have the potential to become legends. Upon completion, participants join an elite group of executives who know how to become market leaders.


For Finance Professionals

The CFO100 program aims to build an elite class of finance executives across Africa. CFO100 aims to increase the credibility, quantity and quality of CFOs and finance managers. The CFO100 program provides a strong foundation of advanced accounting and real-world financial management skills that will give a participant a career advantage.


For Women Executives

The Women in Finance Series is supported by the Government of Canada through Global Affairs Canada and aims to empower women executives. The program brings women executives together for an in-person or virtual experience and facilitates storytelling, question and answers and other networking activities to help women executives break through the personal and systemic barriers they face in advancing their careers and companies.


For Entrepreneurs Interested in Investment

Private equity investing is a major source of capital for economies and is steadily becoming a recognized source of capital in Sub-Saharan Africa. Still, equity investing is a relatively new concept for many entrepreneurs in Africa. Many companies struggle to find and attract much-needed growth capital. RENEW, regularly offers investment workshops to companies, banks, government employees and other stakeholders that wish to learn the basics of private equity or participate in a deep dive on valuations, the pre- and post-investment process and other investment topics.


For Entrepreneurs and Finance Professionals

The Accelerating Business Growth (ABG) program began on May 30, 2016, and ends on May 31, 2021. ABG aims to increase employment and income generation opportunities for men, women and young adults in Ethiopia. The project addresses the gap in the capital markets in Ethiopia and many countries in Africa, called the “missing middle”, which limits the ability of women- and men-owned SMEs to access finance to grow their businesses and create sustainable jobs. The ultimate outcome of the ABG program is to attract CAD $52.5M of capital in debt, equity and grant financing to scale businesses and support or create 5,000 jobs for low-skilled workers, of which 3,000 are expected to be held by women.


For Youth Entrepreneurs and Local Angel Investors

RENEW is building an edutainment platform to use mass media to elevate entrepreneurship and angel investing in East Africa. As part of this work, RENEW helped build Chigign, a reality TV show in Ethiopia dedicated to elevating entrepreneurship and angel investing.

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